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Information on international student payment tuition payment system

Introduction of flywire

We have introduced Flywire's payment system to make payment from overseas easily and safely.
With this system you can pay from your country's bank in your country's currency.
It is easier than remitting to a bank in Japan and you can send money at a more favorable rate.
For details, please see the detailed description of the fly wire from the button below.

What is Flywire?

Payment method of tuition fee (please read first)

Please move from the link below to the fly wire payment registration page.
Please enter the payee's country (Japan) and payment amount.
Please select a payment method.
Please enter payee information.

Please enter student information.

  • Note: When entering the "receipt number", please refer to the document below and input it.
Please check carefully that the information you entered matches.
Please complete payment if it matches.

Payment registration page

If you would like to start the payment system, please push the button below.

To Flywire payment registration page